lundi 23 janvier 2017

Steve Roach – Fade to Gray (2016)

Cinquante nuances de grave ?

…Moving beyond the drone form, Fade to Gray is a consciousness-activating 74 minute space of slowly churning, shifting harmonic alchemy. Subterranean sonics emerge rich with visual correlations; this could be occurring deep below the earth’s surface, monitored and amplified into a listening space above ground. Steve Roach approached Fade to Gray as if working on a large scale canvas or as a sculptor, shaping an etheric material into a sonic form through the tactile process offered by his analog-hardware based studio.
Beyond the immersive environment experience it also functions on several levels: At low volume and infinite playback, Fade to Gray is highly effective for hypnogogic travel and sleep. At a higher volume, on a sound system that supports the emotional impact of full resolution playback, the sensation of a surreal, symphonic movement magnified and expressing texture, mood, and emotion at a cellular level.

Plain Talker
January 22nd, 2017 at 18:45
(smh at that description) I think it’s like a contest with these people at this point. “Oh yeah? You think THAT was a load of pretentious, random words strung together that does nothing at all to describe what the actual music sounds like? Well try THIS on for size, bub!”

January 22nd, 2017 at 22:52
Completely understood the description and it gives me a better idea
of whether the music is another new age happyville vacation or if it
has some deeper creative resonances.

Plain Talker
January 23rd, 2017 at 00:11

Yeah, sure.
Oh, and that opening statement that it “moves beyond the drone form”? Spoiler alert : it doesn’t.
But enjoy your deep creative resonances.

John Warsen
January 23rd, 2017 at 11:09
Don’t you dare waking me up of my hypnogogic travel and sleep at my office desk.

C'est la percée la plus importante en territoire Somnifère de Steve Roach depuis A deeper silence, qui remonte à 2008.
Je crois que ça enfonce même le Somnium de Robert Rich, pourtant une somme sur la question.

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