mardi 10 avril 2018

Fission Trip - Volumn One (2005)

Fission Trip is a collaboration between a few very well known musicians like:
- Michael Clay and Ernie Myers both from the excellent band Hands.
- Adrian Belew, Mel Collins and Ian Wallace, all from King Crimson as you know.

Fission Trip sound approximately as if the old KING CRIMSON were resurrected in the recent years, adapting a few of the modern trends and pushing their vintage style in more contemporary paths, even if the personal touch of HANDS is apparent through the listening as well.The sound is dominated by the nostalgic KING CRIMSON pyrotechnics, featuring light Hammond organ, challenging guitar parts with a sinister character and plenty of unexpected twists via Collins dominant sax moves, while the majority of the album follows obvious jazzy lines on sax and piano.The mood is almost dark and often very atmospheric with slight psychedelic overtones, but there are also parts with a more relaxed and pleasant climate, especially when vocals and synthesizers enter the scene.The band soundwise has been well transported into the recent era with strong melodic themes and smooth synth-based instrumentals among the aforementioned inspirations, although the robotic guitar work of Belew will prevent the listener from easily getting out of some familiar KING CRIMSON atmospheres.The later tracks feature also evident influences from early YES with complex songwriting and multi-parted vocals.Overall this work is very balanced with a pronounced jazzy flavor and the music remains complex yet often harmonic throughout, even if it's far from the outstanding works of the band's branch supergroups.
The band recorded one album in 2005 called Volume One.
Hopes for a second album have faded away because of Ian Wallace's death in 2007, but who knows....

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