jeudi 25 décembre 2014

Shane Koyczan - 'Heaven, or Whatever' (2014)

Reçu il y a quelques nuits de l'ami américain qui vit au Canada :

Dear Loved Ones;

Here is a link to the latest poem from Vancouverite Shane Koyzcan .
The first time I saw him - at the Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremony we were all deeply touched.
We last had the pleasure of seeing him live last month at the closing night of David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour which seeks to have Canada join a growing community of nations which have enshrined access to clean water, clean air and clean soil (clean food) in their nations charter.

It is some 7 minutes.
Please take the time to enjoy this local production - we've danced to at least one if these musicians -  perhaps with a loved one.

May you all be happy, healthy and peaceful.

Il tombe très bien, ce poème, c'est mon anniversaire aujourd'hui !

Tiens, du coup j'ai chialé en regardant celui-là.
Ca s'arrange pas, docteur.

2 commentaires:

  1. Très bon anniversaire ! (33 ans... en hexa, c'est bien ça ?)

  2. C'est quoi en hexa ? Hexadécimal ? T'es pas loin.
    Un indice fastoche :