samedi 31 octobre 2015

Hashtag #Jesus#Christ - [JW Team] (2015)

En tout cas, moi j'ai osé.

Ah non, flûte, c'est ici :

et comme en France tout finit par des chansons, reprenons en choeur :

The Ballad of Boogie Christ

Christ would wear cowboy boots
Christ would have sex
Christ would eat pizza
And cut black jack decks
Christ would be sober
But christ would be fun
Christ would get over
On those trying to run
Christ would love hip hop
Metal and soul
Christ would bring chaos
The breath of control
Christ would be rocking
Christ would be free
He'd say there’s no difference
Between you and me
I'm always on the run and I hate copy paste for god's sake
This is the ballad
Of boogie christ
Toss my salad
And feed me rice...

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